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Good job :O I really like the concept of this, my only feedback that you could apply to this game or future games is adding more juice (like swiping the cloud is fast, and when it goes to the next tile there is a screen shake with a thud sound)

That's great feedback thank you! I was rushing to add "juice" as the last thing as the deadline was approaching and I agree it would feel a lot better if I had prioritized it more. For sure will keep that in mind for next time!

no problem!

This is a pretty nice game, though I'm never able to win lol

It seems like a game sokpop would make, good job!

Thank you!! Sokpop is so inspiring honestly and I'm honoured for the comparison!

It didn't end up easy to play! There's only one difficulty (which varies slightly with the fire rng at the beginning) but it would definitely be improved with a difficulty curve or selection in a menu. If I ever update it, I'd also tighten the controls and responsiveness a bit which might also help the difficulty

Interesting concept with fun music and vibrant colors. I enjoyed this short little game very much. Good job on your great submission!

Thank you very much! The praise is very appreciated and I'm glad you enjoyed it!