Why This Game is "Incomplete"

I don't have much to say about this game because I called it done earlier than I planned. Let's talk about that!

The original plan:

  • Fish come in a bunch of different colours (instead of just blue)
  • The player descends the mountain really fast and tries to collect Only Two Fish and then hit a jump
  • Depending on the colour and order of the fish collected, when the player jumps they will reach different clouds
  • Different clouds have different ghostguins the player can talk to

Why didn't it work out

I thought about this for a while and ultimately the reasoning is just "I've seen enough of this and want to do something else." The moral of the story is to do what you want!

What did work

The real moral of the story is to keep your game in a playable state as you build it up. That way no matter where you stop, you can post it online and say, "hey I made a thing that's kind of a game check it out." Everyone loves this. 

Future Considerations

If I ever come back to this, whether the player collects a lot of blue fish or collects just two fish, the game should be zoomed out a lot more. With it being as close as it is now, it's difficult to see where everything is and it's difficult to plan movement. It might be cool to try out moving the camera further back as you get faster.

Even though "going really fast" and "collect only two things" are at odds with each other, the friction between those ideas could be fun and might be worth implementing in a future version. There would need to be a way to show the player what two fish they have, and make it so that they can discard fish if they collected one they didn't want. If the player's fish collection if FIFO (queue) then it could be fun for them to try to aim for a goal of fish colour combo they want and try not to hit more fish before they hit a jump.

That's all for now. Let's keep making garbage and one day the garbage will be pretty good actually!


v2.0.zip Play in browser
Mar 06, 2022