Come With Me is a platformer about climbing a mountain, and how enormous obstacles can be overcome with difficulty alone, or the fun way: with friends. It’s a statement about how communities can attract wildly different people, but how a common cause can connect them. Each character is a gender minority, sexuality minority, or both, furthering the theme of “community” and impressing that hugely diverse groups of people with a single common thread can and do come together to do great things.

Game by team FiniteTransHomies: Para, Cooper, Griffin, and Blair

Made for Rainbow Game Jam 2019

All music from


Download 39 MB
Download 38 MB


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Very fun, clever, and cute! My best was 115 meters :3 I like the orc and dragon~~ whenever I hit the space bar the entire  game page scrolls down.  Has anyone else having played this game had that problem?


Though I might be

Are you playing this on browser? That may be the gamepage scrolling down when you hit space bar, try clicking on the game (in the game window) once and hit the space bar again?

how do you even get a higher score than 4? 

cute game, i just have no clue how to play it. 

thanks for checking it out! a hint: try jumping up the cliff on the right side

I did ;-;  several times, idk if my computer's just weird or smthing?